Launching of new Mahan Air flightshttps://www.mahan.aero/tr/mahan-air/press-room/64<img alt="" src="http://www.mahan.aero/Assets/newsAssets/140x100.gif" style="BORDER:px solid;" />Launching of new Mahan Air flights2019-07-13T19:30:00ZTherefore, The latest Mahan Route Network for IKA - SZX - IKA has been started from Sunday 30th June 2019 with two weekly flights to increase the numbers of Mahan Air destinations in China to four cities.<br>According to schedule in addition to transferring Iranian & Chinese passenger between two countries, Mahan Air connecting Chinese passenger to Europe to catch more transit passenger to its current Europe destinations.<br>Inaugural ceremony for Shenzhen flight held on Monday 1st July with presence of Authorities of city & Civil aviation for Shenzhen China & And Mahan Air Management as well as the Iranian Government Representative in China.<br>It is worth notable that Tehran to Shenzhen is the fourth destination of Mahan Air to China, In addition to scheduled flight destinations to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the number of Mahan air flights frequency to China will be 15 flights per week.<br><br>