Baggage Information

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Cargo Definations & features of our air cargo service


General Freight

General Freight is our most economical global distribution cargo product. Designed for airport to airport transportation of general freight, this product is available on all flights, registered users can make reservations online.


Air waybill conditions of contract

A new version of the paper air waybills issued by carriers, agents and freight forwarders, the Conditions of Contract on the reverse side of the air waybill include 12 articles and refer to the Montreal Convention of 1999


Heavy shipments

On indirect routes, The acceptance of huge, heavy shipment & Exhibition Shipment that should transfer in a certain time is Possible, in these cases must coordinate with central office.



Articles of a perishable nature which are liable to deteriorate or perish due to changes in climate, temperature, altitude or other normal exposure, or length of time in transit ,will be accepted provided that it is reasonably certain they will reach their destination in good condition. Advance Reservations should be made and packages and documents should be boldly marked “perishable”.

A special “PERISHABLE “label shall be affixed on each package.​ • Transit of perishable shipment is impossible


Wet Cargo

Carrier can accept wet cargo, including cooled goods, wetted fresh flowers and vegetables, Soft fruits and other goods which may leak or give off moisture provided the packing is leak proof. Advance arrangements have to be made with the nearest office of carrier before acceptance of salted casings and skins ,etc.

  Unaccompanied baggage ( UN BAG)

Shipments at these cases will be carried only between the same points ( Airport only ) for which the passenger holds a ticket, provided that the baggage is delivered not later than the date of the passenger's departure.

The ticket(s) numbers, passport number, the flight/Line numbers and the date(s)of the services on which the passenger is traveling must be inserted on Accounting information box of Air waybill.


If personal effects are packed in suitcases, etc. each suitable etc.

Must be well locked.

If keys are sent along with shipment they must be attached to the air waybill by means of an envelope.

Each item of baggage should be marked on the inside with name and home address of the owner

And have a label or tag affixed to the outside with name and destination address.?


Valuable Cargo

Any article have a declared value of carriage of 1000 USD( or equivalent), or more per grass kg. jewellery consisting of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires ,opals and real pearls ( included cultured Pearls)

?The acceptance of valuable cargo is only possible by pervious returned approval of head office , then acceptance of valuable cargo according to IATA rules regulation is possible, the rate valuation calculate base on 7.5/1000 and insert in the related column (Shipper's Declared value is acceptable for Insurance as per official invoice or customs clearance).


They are not consolidated with other goods (a consolidated shipment may, however, be wholly composed of valuables),

They are packed in such a manner that the contents cannot be tampered with or removed without visible evidence thereof remaining .for details of minimum sizes refer to the carrier concerned.

Advance arrangements have been made.

*insurance clause A is mandatory for valuable cargoes and checking insurance policy is under issuant responsibility.

-The Owner of such valuable goods can declare the actual value of the Cargo to be inserted in the Airway bill and insured for recompense against Probable incurred damage is acceptable by the Airline.?


Live animal

Mahan don’t issue Awb for Live Animal but passenger could carry pet / Live Animal as excess baggage. For more information Please click here . Live animals may be accepted for carriage on Mahan Air aircraft only when the following conditions are met. Space must be booked from origin to destination.

A. Provisions of the IATA LIVE ANIMALS REGULATIONS must be complied with, including completion of the Shipper’s Certification for Live Animals

B. Carriage of the type of animal must be permissible on the aircraft involved.

C. The animals must be in an apparent fit and healthy condition.

D. The shipment must comply with all Quarantine and Government requirements of the countries of export and destination, and the countries through which the shipment will transit or be transhipped.

E. The container(s) must be of a standard and type complying with the specifications published in the IATA Live Animals Regulations.

F. Clear and concise instructions must be supplied by the shipper for the feeding, watering, cleaning and handling.


Human remains (cremated, embalmed, or not embalmed)

Before acceptance the booking for the entire air transportation including any connecting flights, must Have been confirmed Packing must be suitable for air transportation


Necessary document for Human Remains

The date of arrival of coffin

The documents such as death certificate, cause of death certificate, embalming certificate

Transferring of human remains of Ides – Hepatitis – cholera is impossible


Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are articles or substances which are capable of posing risk to

health, safety, property or environment and which our shown in the list of

Dangerous goods in dangerous goods regulations.

Goods classified as having or potentially having a dangerous or hazardous nature

Mahan Air not permitted for acceptance and issuance of Awb for dangerous goods ( DGR) shipments .


Packing and Marking Cargo

The shipper is responsible for ensuring that the cargo is packed in an appropriate way for carriage so as to ensure that it can be carried safely with ordinary care in handling and so as not to injure or damage any persons, good or property. Each package shall be legibly and durably marked with the name and full address of the shipper and consignee.


Commercial Invoice

Represents a complete record of the transaction between exporter and importer with regard to the goods sold. Also reports the content of the shipment and serves as the basis for all other documents about the shipment. Shipper's invoice to consignee (which should accompany a shipment) to facilitate customs clearance. The document must show the value of the goods, country of origin & description of the goods.



Government agency charged with enforcing the rules passed to protect the country's import and export revenues.



A penalty charge against shippers or consignees for delaying the carrier's equipment beyond the allowed free time/ Primarily an ocean freight term used to describe certain charges such as storage, dock fees etc.


Door - To- Door

Through transportation of a container and its contents from consignor to consignee. Also known as House to House.


Missing Shipment Condition

If a shipment is missing you have to inform the agent at the airport of departure immediately after arrival. The deadline for claiming a shipment as per IATA is 14 days for the customers. Within that time a claim has to be opened in written form.​

Uniform Liability Limits across all routes

The liability limit of 20 USD per kilogram in case of carriage of cargo which is lost, damaged now applies universally across all convention or non-convention routes.