To dear passengers who intend to fly from IKA to ISThttps://www.mahan.aero/ru/mahan-air/press-room/68<img alt="" src="http://www.mahan.aero/assets/newsAssets/istanbul%2020.jpg" style="BORDER:px solid;" />To dear passengers who intend to fly from IKA to IST2020-06-27T19:30:00ZMahan air will fly to IST (Istanbul) on Thursday, July 2nd but the passengers are allowed to enter who have:<br>- valid Turkish Passport<br>- residence card or a valid Turkish work permit card<br>Please be notified:<br>- Passenger’s documents will be checked both at Imam Khomeini and Istanbul airport. If there is any inconsistent with above mentioned conditions they will be prevented to depart.<br>- Also if any inconsistent in documents will be found at Istanbul airport the passenger will be denied and won’t be allowed to enter.<br>- If the passenger's documents are inconsistent with above mentioned conditions, the passenger will be responsible and no cost will be refunded to the passenger.<br><br>