Terms and Conditions


  1. By accessing and using the Mahan Websites, you agree to accept, without modification, limitation or qualification, the terms and conditions contained herein (the “agreement”). You represent and warrant you possess the legal right and ability to enter into this agreement and to use the Mahan website in accordance with all terms and conditions herein.
  2. For Online ticket purchases, we accept all SHETAB credit cards.
  3. Online ticket purchase is not transferable to others, and passengers will not be accepted if their name doesn’t match with the ID card.
  4. Passengers will be responsible for any discrepancy of passport information (including name, family name, and passport number, date of birth, expiry date and place of issue).
  5. Passport validity for international flights must be over six months.
  6. Please note that, in online booking, the onus is on the passenger for any required entry document (Visa) for destinations or transit country.
  7. Please note that, in online booking, the onus is on the passenger if they entry wrong national id No.
  8. ​For people from other countries in domestic flights , please enter passport number  in " ID.NO." field .  
  9. Passengers can purchase Onaway tickets if they hold residency permit or long term visa validity (more than 6 months) in their passports.
  10. For Partially used tkt deduct applicable highest one way fare instead of half round trip fare and refund balance
  11. Please note that, entering the email address for Dubai flights is mandatory.
  12. In international tickets, return segment will be cancelled if the passengers do not use departure segment. Please do not any action on this case and contact 48382020 to refund.
  13. Please be careful to select the correct age level based on passengers’ Identity Card ‘. By Infant, it means under 2 years old, Child: 2-12 years old; adult: over 12 years old.
  14. Child (over 2 and under 12 years) 75% of applicable adult fare. Infant 10% of applicable adult fare.
  15. It is needed for pregnant passengers, Infant (up to 10 days from birth) and patients to have their doctor's permission.

    The passengers, listed above, should carry their drugs in a portable bag with themselves. For more information please call “Mahan Aviation Medical Centre” 021-48384601-3.

  16. Reservation numbers must be saved and informed to Mahan gate at the origin airport with an ID card.
  17. All domestic flights from Tehran will be operated in Mehrabad Airport, Terminal 4. Passengers must be presented at the airport at least 1 hour prior the departure time.
  18. All the International Flights will be operated from Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) and passengers must be presented at the airport three hours prior to the scheduled departure time.
  19. Pleae find W5 minimum connection times:
    • From International To Domestic (IKA to THR): 5Hrs
    • From Domestic to International (THR to IKA): 5Hrs
    • From International to International (IKA to IKA): 3Hrs
    • From Domestic to Domestic (THR to THR): 2Hrs

    If the tickets you put together don't meet the MCT and passenger miss his continuing flight,airline will not offer assistance such as a free seat on the next flight or pay restitution.

  20. Changes in flights will be notified via SMS system or email, thus buyers are responsible for the accuracy of mobile phone number and email address.
  21. Any modification or cancellation of International and Domestic flights must be done four hours prior to the departure time.
  22. In all Mahan flights (domestic & international) , Cancellation/modification fee and free baggage will be applied depend on related fare basis. Please pay attention to the fare rule of your ticket by click on "View Fare Rule Details" in the price breakdown table after search and select flight​.
  23. Changing Domestic flights date or time is not free of charge. (According to flight cancellation rules).
  24. ​The entire internet booking changes such as refunding or modifying will be made through the website.
  25. For those passengers whose tickets affected by flight cancellation or over two hours delay, the ticket amount will be refunded subject to passenger contact with internet booking helpdesk (48382020).
  26. If passenger attempts to cancel the booking, the amount will be refunded to the account card automatically, according to the bank rules (24-72 hours after cancellation).
  27. Mobile number and Email might be modified on “update contact details” tab in contact information page.
  28. For further queries, please feel free to contact us through the followings:

    Phone number: 021-48382020

    Email address: IBE@mahan.aero