Guidelines for passengers traveling to Lahorehttps://www.mahan.aero/ru/information/announcements/40<img alt="" src="http://www.mahan.aero/assets/AnnouncementAssets/logo-Recovered758.jpg" style="BORDER:px solid;" />Guidelines for passengers traveling to Lahore2021-01-15T20:30:00ZAll passengers must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate maximum 72 hours before departure from the designated laboratories by the Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education and present the original and a copy of PCR test result at check-in counters. This excludes children below 12 years old. The designated laboratories include:<br><br>• Vanak Lab -Tehran<br>• Erfan Niayesh Hospital Lab -Tehran (West Hemmat Expressway)<br>• Pars Hospital Lab - Tehran (Keshavarz Blvd.)<br>• Resalat Hospital Lab – Tehran (Next to the Seyed Khandan Bridge) <br>• Dey Hospital Lab – Tehran (Valiasr St.)<br>• Armin Lab – Tehran (Motahari)<br>• “Tehran Lab” Laboratory – Tehran<br>• Pastor Institute Lab (for Diplomats & Governmental officers of Islamic Republic of Iran)-Tehran<br>• Gholizadeh-Esfandi Lab – Varamin<br>• Emrooz Pathobiology Lab – Shahre Rey<br>• Dr Akbarzade Pathobiology & Genetics Lab– Mashhad <br>• Nikan Lab – Mashhad (Ahmad Abad- Aref 2) <br>• Mashhad Pathobiology Lab – Mashhad (Jam three-way road)<br>• Arad Pathobiology Lab - Karaj <br>• Park Lab – Isfahan<br>• Melal Medical Lab – Isfahan<br>• Oxygen Pathobiology Lab – Shiraz<br>• Pars Hospital Lab – Rasht (Gholipour Blvd.) <br>• Farzan Lab – Hamedan (Booali) <br>• Behsan Virology Lab– Arak<br>• Aria Lab – Ahwaz (Kianpars)<br>• Fajr Lab – Sari<br>• Salam Lab – Tabriz<br>• Booali Lab – Qom (Shohada St.)<br>• Dr. Dabiri Lab – Kerman<br>• Haraz Lab – Amol<br><br> It shall be mandatory for all passengers traveling to Pakistan to download and install PASS TRACK app from the Google Play Store / Apple Store and enter their personal details as required. From lth October, 2020 onwards, the airlines shall ensure that the passengers have uploaded their information on the app or have a printed copy of uploaded information generated by the app prior to issuance of boarding passes at point of original embarkation.<br> Those passengers who do not have android / Apple phones shall enter their data on the web portal (https://passtrack.nitb.gov.pk/login). Passengers who prefer to upload their data on the web portal shall be required to provide paper print of the same prior to obtaining boarding pass at the airport of original embarkation.<br><br> Following passengers shall be exempted from both RT-PCR testing and<br>PASS TRACK app uploading requirement, however they shall submit<br>complete Health Declaration Form at the airport of arrival in Pakistan:<br><br>1. Passengers less than 12 years.<br>2. Disabled passengers.<br>3. High level international delegations.<br><br> All passengers traveling to Pakistan shall also be required to fill the Health Declaration Forms prior to boarding the aircraft which shall be disseminated by airlines.<br><br> All passengers are required to wear face masks throughout the duration of flights except during meal timings.<br><br>*The passengers who left Iran with negative PCR test result to foreign destinations can come back to Iran with the same test result, in case their travel period is less than 7 days (from the time the PCR test result is issued).<br><br>