Guidelines for passengers traveling to Moscow https://www.mahan.aero/ru/information/announcements/34<img alt="" src="http://www.mahan.aero/assets/AnnouncementAssets/6.jfif" style="BORDER:px solid;" />Guidelines for passengers traveling to Moscow 2021-01-11T20:30:00ZGuidelines for passengers travelling to Russia<br><br>Iran_Russia<br><br>In accordance with the restrictions imposed by the Government of the Russian Federation, only the following passengers can travel to Russia from Iran:<br><br>1. Passengers with a residence permit in the Russian Federation.<br>2. Passengers with valid documents to stay in Russia.<br>3. Passengers whose spouses have a Russian passport, with the provision of an official marriage document.<br>4. Passengers with diplomatic or service passports.<br><br>*The following provisions include sanitary standards and are necessary for arrival at Vnukovo airport:<br>1 - A test for a negative result coronavirus (PCR) in English, made no more than 72 hours before departure, is required for all passengers. The test must be taken from the designated laboratories by the Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education as follows:<br><br><br>• Vanak Lab -Tehran<br>• Erfan Niayesh Hospital Lab -Tehran (West Hemmat Expressway)<br>• Pars Hospital Lab - Tehran (Keshavarz Blvd.)<br>• Resalat Hospital Lab – Tehran (Next to the Seyed Khandan Bridge) <br>• Dey Hospital Lab – Tehran (Valiasr St.)<br>• Armin Lab – Tehran (Motahari)<br>• “Tehran Lab” Laboratory – Tehran<br>• Pastor Institute Lab (for Diplomats & Governmental officers of Islamic Republic of Iran)-Tehran<br>• Gholizadeh-Esfandi Lab – Varamin<br>• Emrooz Pathobiology Lab – Shahre Rey<br>• Dr Akbarzade Pathobiology & Genetics Lab– Mashhad <br>• Nikan Lab – Mashhad (Ahmad Abad- Aref 2) <br>• Mashhad Pathobiology Lab – Mashhad (Jam three-way road)<br>• Arad Pathobiology Lab - Karaj <br>• Park Lab – Isfahan<br>• Melal Medical Lab – Isfahan<br>• Oxygen Pathobiology Lab – Shiraz<br>• Pars Hospital Lab – Rasht (Gholipour Blvd.) <br>• Farzan Lab – Hamedan (Booali) <br>• Behsan Virology Lab– Arak<br>• Aria Lab – Ahwaz (Kianpars)<br>• Fajr Lab – Sari<br>• Salam Lab – Tabriz<br>• Booali Lab – Qom (Shohada St.)<br>• Dr. Dabiri Lab – Kerman<br>• Haraz Lab – Amol<br><br>*If the results of the PCR are obtained in Farsi, it is necessary to translate it into Russian and to assure the Russian consulate.<br>2_ Health questionnaire issued to passengers must be filled before the flight to Moscow and is passed on by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation after passing through passport control at Vnukovo airport in Moscow.<br><br>Russia-Iran<br><br>1 - Passengers with an Iranian passport<br>2 - Citizens with a diplomatic and or official passport<br>3 - Passengers with regular passports only if there is a reason for permanent residence in Iran and or written permission of the Government of the Russian Federation to travel to Iran<br>4 - Citizens of other countries whose arrival in the Islamic Republic of Iran is not prohibited by law and other regulations<br><br>Passengers on a flight from Moscow to Tehran are accepted at Vnukovo airport when the PCR test is given with a negative result in English, valid 72 hours from the date of testing. If the test expires, the passenger will not be accepted for the flight.<br>*The passengers who left Iran with negative PCR test result to foreign destinations can come back to Iran with the same test result, in case their travel period is less than 7 days (from the time the PCR test result is issued).<br>