Travel restrictions for passengers traveling to Iranhttps://www.mahan.aero/ru/information/announcements/28<img alt="" src="http://www.mahan.aero/assets/AnnouncementAssets/logo-Recovered4.jpg" style="BORDER:px solid;" />Travel restrictions for passengers traveling to Iran2021-01-01T20:30:00ZEffective 4 January 2021<br><br>1. All passengers, including Iranian nationals, must carry an English version of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result certificate, issued no later than 72 hours before departure, by the diagnostic and treatment centers, designated by the health ministry of the country of departure.<br><br>2. In case the travel period of the passengers who left Iran to foreign destinations with negative PCR test result, is less than 7 days (from the time the PCR test result is issued) they can come back to Iran with the same test result. <br><br>2. All passengers regardless of point of origin or nationality must complete the COVID-19 screening self-declaration form and present it to the health representatives on arrival.<br><br>3. All passengers arriving in Tehran will undergo thermal screening, and suspected COVID- 19 cases will be isolated, regardless of their negative test result certificate. Iranian nationals must complete an indemnity form and quarantine themselves at the specified address (preferably their own home) for 14 days. Non-Iranian nationals will be either deported or quarantined at the Ministry of Health assigned IBIS International Airport Hotel for 14 days. All costs for the COVID-19 PCR test as well as hotel quarantine charges will be at the passenger’s expense.<br>