Terms and Conditions


  1. By accessing and using the Mahan Website, you agree to accept, without modification, limitation or qualification, the terms and conditions contained herein (the “agreement”). You represent and warrant you possess the legal right and ability to enter into this agreement and to use the Mahan website in accordance with all terms and conditions herein.
  2. For Online ticket purchases, we accept all SHETAB credit cards.
  3. All mentioned times in the tickets are according to local times.
  4. Online purchased ticket is NOT transferable to others. All mentioned conditions in ticket are considered as a contract between the airline and passenger and issuing the ticket represents accepting all inserted terms and conditions of the airlines by the passenger.
  5. Passenger is responsible to keep the reservation number and all other declared code by the website.
  6. Passport validity for international flights must be over six months from departure time (date). Passenger will undertake any responsibilities regarding invalid passport.
  7. passenger will be responsible for any discrepancies regarding ID information (national card, passport) including name, family name, passport number, date of birth ,national ID number, expire date and…. Issuing boarding pass is possible only by holding valid ID card.
  8. Passenger will undertake the responsibility of inserting accurate information including mobile number, phone number and email address in all domestic and international flights.
  9. It is suggested to create a personal account on internet booking website in order to facilitate your booking procedure and have a record of your reservation numbers.
  10. Inserting correct passport number (both letters and numbers) is necessary. Any responsibilities regarding any discrepancies is with passenger.
  11. In booking domestic flights for non-Iranian passengers, insert passport number in ID number field.
  12. Only passengers can purchase one-way ticket who hold permanent residency or passport of destination country.
  13. In case of cancelling a flight from airline, it is possible to change the canceled flight to the first available flight on the same route and fare basis , only once by contacting website support team, otherwise for receiving full refund, contact support team since auto refund is not possible in this case.
  14. In round trip domestic flights , in case of cancelation or delay more than 2 hours from airline regarding one segment of the flight , passenger is responsible to contact IBE support team , within 24 hours from airline notification time to decide about the unaffected segment of the flight . other wise , noshow charge will not be omitted.
  15. Regarding round trip international flights, if you intend to cancel one segment of the flight, system will subtract the amount of one-way used ticket fare from total payment. Since one-way international fare might be more expensive than round trip fare in the same route, no money may be refunded.
  16. International round trip tickets, return segment will be canceled automatically if passenger does not use the first segment of the flight. In this case, a part of money will be refunded to your account. In order to receive the rest of the money, you should cancel the reservation on website.
  17. According to part 15, in case you could not use your first flight and manage to reach your destination within 24 hours via any other airline, you can refer to Mahan Air Office and request to react your return flight.
  18. It is necessary to mention that you are supposed to pay back the money that has been refunded to your account due to cancelation.

  19. Please be noted that refunding any allocated credit, inform of voucher, letter and other document by Mahan Air headquarter is possible only within a year after that, it cannot be refunded.
  20. Inserting correct email address is mandatory during internet booking procedure for all destinations, especially for route, Dubai.
  21. According to Malaysia immigration rules and regulations passenger(s) cannot stay more than 14 days in Kuala Lumpur. In case of getting on arrival visa, return must be confirmed maximum 13 days after departure.
  22. According to aviation rules, infant passenger is under 2 years old, child is under 12 and more than 2 years old and adult passenger is over 12 years old. Passenger is responsible to select correct age range according to ID card, otherwise he or she will not be accepted.
  23. Online booking ticket, with any kind of discount, unaccompanied minor and open ticket is not possible on website
  24. in order to apply for and register special services such as wheelchairs,transfers,pet,special meals and other services when purchasing an internet ticket ,at the special service step for each passenger separately in all flights (round trip).otherwise,we will apoloize to the traveler ,and the passenger will be liable for the crimes comitted
                  Applying for any special services is only possible for up to 48hours before flying , although during working hours before holidays and Thursdays up to 12:00 noon (P.M) can be requested.
    • In case of change of flight date,the registration of the airport transfer request on the basis of a new date is mandatory in the system for the provision of services.if you need further coordination , call 021-48382020 or Pakro 021-1884.
    • Attention is drawn to the fact that the service is not shown at the stage of the selection of a special service,which is to complete the capacity or not to provide it on the selected flight .
  25. Completion of the form (MEDIF)by the patient"s physician and then obtaining approval from a trusted physician of Mahan before referral to the airport is required . For more information,see the medical information section.
  26. Passenger is responsible to pay attention to airport announcements, mentioned time in boarding pass and the time when exit gate get closed. On time presence of passenger according to declared time is mandatory to avoid missing the flight. Obviously, the airline will not delay the flight and passenger undertakes any responsibilities regarding the mentioned issue.
  27. The airline has the right , if it is determined by the airport authorities or crew members or represantatives of the airline company based at the airport or the judicial and judicial authorities of the beginnig or continuation of the passenger's journey which is likely to interfere with the safety or flight safety or other threatening travelers to be considered or a passenger on a non-scheduled flight is prohibited from the beginning or continuation of the relevant passenger"s journey .
  28. Passenger must be present at airport 2 hours prior to departure for domestic flights and 3 hours prior to departure for international flights.
  29. Passenger must observe minimum connection time for round trip and connection flights during on-line booking procedure as follow:
  30. It is noteworthy that Mahan Airline has no contract with other airlines in regard to international connection flights.

    • From International to Domestic e.g. (IKA to THR): 5hrs
    • From Domestic to International e.g. (THR to IKA): 5hrs
    • From International to International e.g. (IKA to IKA): 3hrs
    • From Domestic to Domestic e.g. (THR to THR): 2hrs

    If the tickets you put together do not meet the minimum connection time and passenger miss his continuing flight, airline will not offer assistance such as a free seat on the next flight or pay restitution.

  31. Any modification or cancelation can be done 3 hours prior to departure for domestic flights and 5hours prior to departure for international flights.
  32. In all Mahan Air flights, both domestic and international, cancelation and modification charges, also baggage allowance are different depending on available fare basis at the moment.
    • Passenger is responsible to read the rule in “view fare rule details” part, mentioned in a green box, in booking procedure, before making any payment.
  33. Mahan Air is authorized to change the departure time, aircraft type and also the class of flight due to technical and operational limitations. Any changes regarding flight schedule will be announced to passenger in case of availability of enough time and accuracy of contact information inserted by passenger in online booking procedure.
  34. Making any changes in both domestic and international flights, depending on fare rule, is due to pay the penalty.
  35. Making any modification or cancelation regarding the booking which have been made on website is possible only through website by passenger.
  36. If passenger attempts to cancel the booking, the amount will be refunded to the account of the same card by which booking had been made automatically, according to the bank rules (24-72 hours after cancellation).
  37. For more information about cargo follow related link of Baggage
  38. In case of delay more than 2 hours for domestic flights and more than 4 hours for international flights, if the passenger does not want to use the flight, he or she can receive full refund by contacting website support team.
  39. In case of changing the phone number or email address, contact IBE support team and inform the changes.
  40. IBE support team numbers are as follow: