Frequently Asked Questions

​​ Online booking is a convenient service that is provided for anyone to book flights easily. You are able to book, modify or cancel your ticket A.S.A.P.

What is online booking and how shall I use it?

Online booking is a convenient service of finding and booking your flights over the internet at anytime. For more information (steps) please see User Guide.

What do I need to book a flight?

Access to the Internet and a Shetab Debit Card.

I am living abroad, can I book online?

If you have the Shetab Card you can book anywhere in the world.​

Is it possible that agencies do not have any available seat but we can book online from Mahan website?

No, it is impossible.​

How should I find my booked ticket after booking and print or change it?

You should click on “Book Management” then you can see, print and modify your ticket. For more information, you can see User Guide.

Can I make a name change after I have booked?

It is not possible to make a name change after booking.

How can I cancel my booking?

You should click on “Book Management”, and then regarding to User Guide you will be able to cancel it.

How could I get my money back after cancellation?

The rest of your money will be transferred to your debit card automatically after cancellation.

I cancelled my ticket but money was not transferred to my account. What should I do?

If money would not be transferred after 72 hrs to your account, you may kindly to request to call 48384848.

If I booked online, shall I go to the airport directly or first I need to make a print of my ticket?

You can directly go to the airport with your reservation number or you can print your ticket.

Will the ticket be sent to my email address after booking?

Yes, if your email address is entered after booking the ticket will be sent to your email address.

Can I only change or cancel my flight online if other passengers are in the same reservation with me?

In group reservation, if modification or cancellation of one or more passengers’ itinerary is required, please contact +9821 48384848 online booking departments.

Can I get a discount on online ticket?

No, It is not possible to get any discount include student, senior or Janbaz card.

Can I purchase tickets by international cards as visa or master?

If you want to buy Mahan ticket by international cards , please go to، ، ، ، and