LIMITED RELEASE BAGGAGE TAG<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:px solid;" />LIMITED RELEASE BAGGAGE TAG2014-11-28T20:30:00ZLIMITED RELEASE BAGGAGE TAG<br>The purpose of the Limited Release Baggage Tag is to allow the acceptance of checked baggage of limited liability , to make official note of baggage received damaged and to discourage unjustified claims. By use of this Tag ,Mahan Air may not accept claims resulting from the conditions of acceptance indicated below.<br>• 'Late Check-in' <br>• Not admissible in cabin<br>• Perishable<br>• Fragile or inadequate packing<br>• Received damaged m specify<br>If baggage presented is considered to be unsuitably packed, fragile, inadequately packed, perishable or damaged, we inform the passenger that we are unable to accept the article and why. Once the passenger has agreed, the Mahan air agent will then complete the Limited Release Tag and accept it. <br><img class="img-responsive" src="" />