About Us

​Corporate Mission Statement

  1. ​to provide Safe, Efficient and Profitable air transportation to carry passenger and cargo
  2. to Deliver Quality Services through teams of highly trained professionals with international standards

Our History


Mahan Air was established as the first Iranian private Airline


Mahan Air takes off on its median voyage and begins domestic service between Tehran and Kerman. Number of employees increased to nearly 100.


Mahan Air carries it s one million passenger


All cargo operations begins using two IL-76`s.


Dubai becomes triple daily and Scheduled flights to Birmingham are commenced. Scheduled flights between Tehran and Dubai are commenced. Dubai later becomes the airline’s most important international destination.


First A300 for Mahan Air joins the fleet.


Mahan Air spreads it s wing to Bangkok, Thailand and joins IATA.


Airbus A-310 joins the fleet and enables the airline to offer non-stop service to destinations in the Far East.


Major schedule and route expansion adopted. Dusseldorf, Germany, Colombo, Sri Lanka and Delhi, India are linked to our existing network.


Celebrates its 10th year anniversary and carries its five millionth passengers.


Mahan Air adds Birmingham, England as its second European destination.


The first of four Airbus A-320 joins the fleet and makes Mahan Air the airline with the most advance fleet in Iran.


Mahan air begins service to Lahore and Manchester. Our 10 millionth passengers were carried.


Dubai becomes double daily and Tehran-Bangkok becomes daily.


Mahan Air celebrates 15 years of service. Istanbul scheduled service is introduced as our 24th destination.


Dubai becomes triple daily flights from Tehran and new flights between Mashhad and Bangkok are commenced. Our frequent flyer program Mahan & Miles is launched in April and the staff level in our airline reached 3000. Five Airbus A300-600 joined the fleet to enhance our short and medium range capability.


scheduled flights between Shiraz and Kuala Lumpur are commenced.

Mahan air begins service to Almaty ,Kazakhstan


Mahan Air begins flights between Tehran and shanghai as well as direct flights between Isfahan and Istanbul. The number of passenger carried by the airline reached a record 4.8 million passengers.


Our fleet enlarged to 45. The number of flights to Erbil & Ankara increased. The number of passenger carried by the airline had a 5% growing. Our flight frequency had a 14% increasing.


Mahan air spread its wings to Kuwait from Tehran & Shiraz. Mahan commenced double weekly flight to Guangzhou.


starting flight to Munich- adding 9 aircrafts to Mahan air fleet- scheduling 6 new international routes (Bahrain, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Athens, Milan and Sochi)


Starting flights to Kiev, Copenhagen, Paris and Moscow; our flight frequency increased in far east destinations, Launch of online check-in service through Mahan air website.

  • Launch of online check-in for international flights from Imam Khomeini airport
  • Starting direct flight to Barcelona (Spain)
  • Starting direct flight to Lahore (Pakistan)
  • Starting direct flight to Baku
  • Announcement of boarding and the exit door No. via SMS in order to create a quiet airport
  • Setting up electronic customer survey
  • Extending IOSA certification
  • Re-establishing Tehran- Erbil flight
  • Extending IOSA certification
  • Ranked fifth in the selection ceremony of airlines operating at Dubai airport with three daily flights
  • Increasing the frequency of flights to Istanbul (20 flights per week)
  • Increasing the frequency of IKA-Milan-IKA to 3 flights weekly
  • Attending the first international exhibition of economics and tourism investment
  • Establishing Tehran- Yasuj flights (double weekly)
  • Re-establishing Tehran- Queshm- Tehran flights
  • Establishing Mashhad- Queshm flights
  • Re-establishing IKA- Almati flights


Mahan Air recognizes the dedication and diligence of our 3300 staff as the key factor in our success. Every effort is made to create an exciting and rewarding working environment for them.

To support our service excellence strategy, Mahan Air has adopted a rigorous quality control process for staff recruitment. All flight attendants must complete an intensive six month training course before serving their first passenger. This is one of the longest and most comprehensive flight attendant training programs of any major airline.

The aim of Mahan Air is training for cabin crews and other front –line staff to provide courteous service reflecting warmth and friendliness as well as safety and professional skills.

In addition to utilizing flight simulators in Europe to train our pilots, the A300B4,A300-600,BAe flight simulator in Mahan Air`s Kerman training center are using to train Mahan Air pilots, as well as pilots from other airlines in the region.