Travel Info

​​General Information
  • Before start your journey, please ALWAYS check your Mahan Air’s flight number, visa requirements and passport validity (more than six month for international routes) and valid visa if needed, airport location, road distance to airport by car or other public transport, duration of flight and essential contact number upon arrival including hotel number and head of group number if you are travelling with group. Additionally, please allow enough time to get to your flight - be aware that during busy travel periods, public holidays or at airports with heightened security you may experience longer queues.

    (Note: Mahan Air reservation services notify you by Telephone or SMS if your flight is delayed more than 20 minutes or there is another change in the status of your flight. To receive these notifications, there must be an email address and mobile access number associated with your reservation.)

  • Before you head to the airport, especially if this is your first airline flight in a while, you should take the time to get familiar with common security rules and basic baggage rules, and remember to keep valuable or critical personal items in your what to put in your carry-on baggage and not in your checked luggage( Keep valuable or hard to replace items like money, jewelry, computers, computer data, and important papers with you in carry-on baggage and not in checked baggage).
  • Many bags look alike, so do something to make it easy to find your bag quickly, like tying a bright ribbon to a handle or placing a decal on the side of your bag. If you have more than one bag, they may not be next to each other on the baggage carousel, so it is very important that each one of your bags have some kind of unique identifying features. After your plane gets to the gate, make your way to the baggage claim area. If you are in an unfamiliar airport with a large baggage claim area, there may be many baggage carousels. If you are not sure where to go, ask one of your airline's agents, or look for a baggage carousel board that lists which carousel will have your flight's bags. After you collect all your bags, check the tags on your bags with your claim ticket. The information should match. If they don't check your bag more closely to make sure you picked up the wrong bag. If you did, put it back on the carousel. If you accidentally take someone else's bag away from the baggage claim area, you will be responsible for returning it either to the airline or the bag's owner.
  • Mahan Air strives to cater to the needs of our customers with special needs. In order to better serve you, we request that you contact us and advise us of your specific needs at the time of booking and at least 48 hours prior to your flight. If you need special assistance, you may be required to fill out a Medical Information Form (MEDIF).
  • For any inquiry about your flight status (cancellation, delay, flight change) only processed to Mahan Air located office or company employees .
  • If you flying with Mahan Air to help us your flight leaves on-time, we recommend paying close full attention to any announcements made in transit hall, security check point and boarding gate and the information screens at the airport.