Live Animals


Handling of pets ( dogs & cats) is only applicable in cargo compartment as checked baggage only accompanied with passenger in the aircraft hold.

  • Domestic animals such as dogs, cats, birds, etc.
  • Passenger shall declare AVIH carriage in booking time to add SSR code
  • Passenger shall refer to check in counter 02 hour prior departure time.
  • Pet ID card, birthday certificate, vaccination certificate, Rabi test (if required by destination), Veterinary Quarantine confirmation are required.
  • Payment will charge by passenger rout excess baggage as below:
    • Bird = (bird weight + bird container weight) × 4
    • Pet = (pet weight +pet container weight) × 2
  • When passenger do not have any free checked baggage, the payment shall be done.
  • AVIH carriage is prohibited in BAe/RJ Aircraft.
  • Only rigid containers with a secure door are acceptable.
  • Only one animal per container is acceptable.
  • According to IR CUSTOMS and IR CAO notification , carriage of pets (dogs and cats) is forbidden from East countries .
  • This service is not applicable to United Arab Emirates .
  • Contact to Airport Services Department for updated information.