Incapacitated Passengers

  • Definition

    The term 'incapacitated' means those passengers who because of their medical, physical or mental state require individual attention which is not normally provided to other passengers. Incapacitated passengers include those who have:

    • permanent but stable disabilities E.g. paralysis of all or part of the body, arthritis, deafness, blindness
    • temporary disabilities E.g. recent surgery or medical treatment including broken limbs
    • recent mental or physical illness
  • Categories of Incapacitated Passengers

    Deaf , dumb , blind . Permanently deaf, dumb and blind persons do not need medical clearance or an escort unless they are traveling in large groups

    Wheelchairs . The particular wheelchair requirement of a passenger is identified by the use of the following AIRIMP codes:

    • WCHR the passenger can ascend/descend steps and make his/her own way to/from cabin seats but cannot manage long distances.
    • WCHS the passenger cannot ascend/descend steps but is able to n way slowly to/from cabin seat.
    • WCHC the passenger is completely immobile and requires a chair to/from the aircraft and bearers/attendants or lifting apparatus to get into the aircraft and to reach their seat. Stations mostly have wheelchairs that can be used to transport passengers along the aisle of the aircraft. These are particularly useful for passengers completely immobile (WCHC)

    Passengers who do not require medical clearance but do require a wheelchair should declare at reservations time. Passengers who arrive at the Airport in their own wheelchair and wish to take it with them to their destination will be allowed to retain the use of their wheelchair until boarding the aircraft. Arrangements will be made for the chair to be taken from the passenger after embarkation and loaded into the hold of the aircraft.

    Note: regarding to Mahan Air Regulation and Aircraft capacity, we can provide the wheelchair services for passengers who inform us their request by booking and have SSR in their Ticket when make reservation.

    BAe/RJ aircraft is excluded from this service.