Food & Drink

​​​Our dedication to detail, unparalleled hygiene standards, preparatio​n technique and use of advanced equipment, guarantees the uncompromising quality of Mahan Air`s in-flight hospitality.​

In defining our in-flight products, we were determined to build on our strong geographic, historic and cultural links in the region. Despite the growing trend for diminishing on-board service across the airline industry, Mahan Air has invested many millions of dollars building one of the most advanced catering facilities in Asia.

Covering a floor space of more than 8000sq. meters and employing in excess of 600 personnel, the center is capable of producing up to 24000 meals per day to satisfy the growing demands of Mahan Air as well as a number of other domestic and international carriers serving Tehran. The center has recently been awarded with HACCP certificate which is another indicator of its high quality standards.