Guidelines for passengers traveling to Dubai<img alt="" src="" style="BORDER:px solid;" />Guidelines for passengers traveling to Dubai 2021-04-12T19:30:00ZGuidelines for passengers traveling to Dubai <br><br>According to the latest circular received from Emirates Civil Aviation, QR Code is required on the PCR test result. QR Code will be scanned by the officials at IKA and Dubai Airport to ensure the accuracy of the test certificate and in order to access the database of the hospital or laboratory. The list of the approved laboratories which use QR code on the COVID-19 PCR test result is as follows:<br>1. Pars Teb Lab (Vanak) -Tehran *<br>2. Erfan Niayesh Hospital Lab -Tehran (West Hemmat Expressway) *<br>3. Erfan Saadat Abad Hospital Lab -Tehran *<br>4. Pars Hospital Lab - Tehran (Keshavarz Blvd.) *<br>5. Resalat Hospital Lab – Tehran (Next to the Seyed Khandan Bridge) *<br>6. Dey Hospital Lab – Tehran (Valiasr St.) *<br>7. Armin Lab – Tehran (Motahari)* <br>8. “Tehran Lab” Laboratory – Tehran *<br>9. Keyvan Lab – Tehran *<br>10. Yas Clinic Lab (Nazi Abad) – Tehran*<br>11. Gholizadeh-Esfandi Lab – Varamin *<br>12. Ayandeh Pathobiology & Genetics Lab – Varamin *<br>13. Emrooz Pathobiology Lab – Shahre Rey *<br>14. Dr Akbarzade Pathobiology & Genetics Lab– Mashhad *<br>15. Nikan Lab – Mashhad (Ahmad Abad- Aref 2) * <br>16. Mashhad Pathobiology Lab – Mashhad (Jam three-way road) *<br>17. Arad Pathobiology Lab - Karaj * <br>18. Razi Lab – Karaj *<br>19. Jahan Lab - Karaj *<br>20. Park Lab – Isfahan *<br>21. Melal Medical Lab – Isfahan *<br>22. Oxygen Pathobiology Lab – Shiraz *<br>23. Pars Hospital Lab – Rasht (Gholipour Blvd.) *<br>24. Behsan Virology Lab– Arak *<br>25. Daneshmand Pathobiology Lab – Arak *<br>26. Aria Lab – Ahwaz (Kianpars) *<br>27. Fajr Lab – Sari *<br>28. Booali Lab – Qom (Shohada St.) *<br>29. Dr. Dabiri Lab – Kerman *<br>30. Haraz Lab – Amol*<br>31. Dr. Hakimi Laboratory - Amol *<br>32. Avin Medical Genetics Laboratory - Yazd *<br>33. Dena Lab -Tehran*<br>34. Dr Ghazi Asgar Lab - Isfahan *<br><br><br><br> It is worth mentioning that if the QR CODE is not approved by the airport officials, the boarding card will not be issued for the passenger. <br><br><br>Every inbound passenger is holding a valid Covid-19 Test certificate that is issued within the valid time frame, namely, 72 hours from the time of collecting the sample and departure. Also, ensure that the time of sample collection - “Date & Time” and time of reporting “Result date and Result time” are accurate.<br><br>From 11TH April 2021, it is mandatory to submit a negative PCR test print at the boarding gate at the Dubai Airport, and showing the test result in the form of photos and SMS is not accepted.<br>The certificate must described either in Arabic or English, issued from a certified lab at the original point of destination, where the passenger is travelling from.<br><br><br>The passengers must present the original and a copy of PCR test result and their Self-declaration form at check-in counters. (Travel insurance letter is also recommended)<br>Because it is mandatory to enter the correct passport information when buying a Dubai ticket, travelers who have a residence in the UAE must enter the passport information in which their residence is stated when buying a ticket.<br><br>The passengers holding a Dubai residence visa who are flying back to Dubai should refer to the website and get the approval. As we send the passengers name list before each flight to UAE, in case of any disapprovals including those who have ICA approval, all the cost will be at the passenger’s expense.<br><br>In case they find any suspicious case with symptoms of Coronavirus, a new CPR test will be conducted in the Airport, which will be at the passenger’s expense (360 UAE Dirhams).<br><br>It is recommended to hand over all your handbags at the check-in counters.<br><br>Note: All Mahan Air departure and arrival flights are being operated from terminal 3.<br><br> All passengers arriving Iran from the UAE origin, will undergo the COVID-19 PCR test in the airport (excluding the time of corona test when leaving Iran), which the cost of PCR test, will be at the passenger’s expense<br>