Guidelines for passengers traveling to Beirut https://www.mahan.aero/de/information/announcements/37<img alt="" src="http://www.mahan.aero/assets/AnnouncementAssets/%d9%84%d8%a8%d9%86%d8%a7%d9%863.jpg" style="BORDER:px solid;" />Guidelines for passengers traveling to Beirut 2021-09-11T19:30:00Z1- All passengers (except children under 12 years old) must perform COVID-19 PCR test in one of the designated laboratories by the Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education (as follows) latest 72 hours between the test result and the date of arrival to Lebanon should show the test result at check-in counters.<br><br>• Vanak Pathobiology Lab - Tehran <br>• Pars Teb Lab (Vanak) - Tehran <br>• Erfan Saadat Abad Hospital Lab - Tehran <br>• Erfan Niayesh Hospital Lab - Tehran (West Hemmat Expressway) <br>• Pars Hospital Lab - Tehran (Keshavarz Blvd.) <br>• Resalat Hospital Lab - Tehran (Next to the Seyed Khandan Bridge) <br>• Dey Hospital Lab - Tehran (Valiasr St.) <br>• Armin Lab - Tehran (Motahari)<br>• Yas Clinic Lab (Nazi Abad) - Tehran<br>• Dena Lab - Tehran<br>• Keyvan Lab - Tehran<br>• Sama - Tehran <br>• Tehran Lab Laboratory - Tehran<br>• Tehran Teb Laboratory - Tehran <br>• Kariminejad Pathology and Genetics Laboratory - Najmabadi - Tehran<br>• Razi Lab - Karaj <br>• Jahan Lab - Karaj <br>• Arad Pathobiology Lab - Karaj <br>• Pars Genome Genetics Lab - Karaj <br>• Dena Lab - Karaj <br>• Bahar Lab - Nazarabad (Hashtgerd)<br>• Gholizadeh-Esfandi Lab - Varamin <br>• Ayandeh Pathobiology & Genetics Lab - Varamin <br>• Dr Akbarzade Pathobiology & Genetics Lab - Mashhad <br>• Nikan Lab - Mashhad (Ahmad Abad - Aref 2) <br>• Mashhad Pathobiology Lab - Mashhad (Jam three-way road) <br>• Iran Lab - Mashhad <br>• Melal Medical Lab - Isfahan <br>• Park Lab - Isfahan <br>• Dr. Ghazi Askar - Isfahan <br>• Peyvand Lab - Shiraz <br>• Sina Lab - Shiraz <br>• Pars Hospital Lab - Rasht (Gholipour Blvd.) <br>• Razi Pathobiology Lab - Rasht <br>• Jam Laboratory - (Rasht) <br>• Farzan Lab - Hamedan (Booali) <br>• Behsan Virology Lab - Arak <br>• Daneshmand Pathobiology Lab - Arak <br>• Booali Lab - Zanjan<br>• Fajr Lab - Sari <br>• Salam Lab - Tabriz<br>• Booali Lab - Qom (Shohada St.) <br>• Dr. Dabiri Lab - Kerman <br>• Haraz Lab - Amol<br>• Dr. Hakimi Laboratory - Amol <br>• Dr. Shahriai Alizadeh Lab - Gorgan <br>• Dr. Bijan Hedayati Medical Lab - Ghaem Shahr <br>• Pars Pathobiology Lab - Chaloos <br>• Avin Medical Genetics Laboratory (Imam Ali Genetics) - Yazd <br>• Dr. Ehteram Pathobiology Lab - Kashan <br>• Pastor Lab - Sanandaj<br>• Dr. Hosseini Nasab Lab - Sanandaj<br>• Dr. Beski Genetic Laboratory - Gonbad Kavous<br>• Nano Pathobiology Laboratory - Orumieh <br>• Mahan Laboratory - Orumieh <br>• Khatam Lab - Qazvin<br>• Novin Lab - Zahedan<br><br> In addition, all Diplomats & Governmental officers of Islamic Republic of Iran for foreign missions (to all foreign routes except China), must perform their PCR test in “Pasteur Institute Laboratory”.<br><br>- Performing PCR test is mandatory for all passengers Entering Beirut. <br><br>2- All passengers arriving to Lebanon, except Children under 12 years age and UNIFIL, shall perform a PCR test upon their arrival to BRHlA, and all airlines shall collect 50 USD on every passenger wishing to travel to Lebanon, which is the cost of PCR test or other medical diagnostic measures that every passenger shall undergo upon arrival to BRHlA through Labs. authorized by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health at the Airport, the Airline will pay the collected amounts to the designated handling agents at BRHlA on bi-monthly basis i.e. every 15 days, then the handling agents will pay for the laboratories, which performed the tests based on invoices stamped by the Ministry of Public Health.<br><br>3- The following are exempted from the Hotel quarantine:<br><br>• National and foreign diplomats with their families but they must keep quarantined for 4 days at their places of residence.<br>• Passengers wishing to travel to Lebanon and who have received at least one dose of any Covid-19 vaccine minimum 2 weeks before their departure to Lebanon.<br>• Arriving minors (under 18 years age) whether unaccompanied or with their parents.<br>• Passengers who travelled out of Lebanon and will return within one week, that is, who travelled during one day of the week and will return on the same day during the following week, are exempted from doing PCR test in the countries of departure, and shall perform a PCR test at the airport upon their arrival to Lebanon.<br><br>4- All Beirut-Tehran passengers must undergo a PCR test which is approved by Lebanese Ministry of Public Health and present the negative test result to the crew.<br><br>5- Beirut-Tehran passengers must necessarily have one of the following visa types:<br>- Resident Visa, work permit visa, student visa, multiple visa or finance visa.<br><br><br>- For more information please contact our reservation department +9821-48380.<br>