China Regulation https://www.mahan.aero/de/information/announcements/12<img alt="" src="http://www.mahan.aero/Assets/newsAssets/140x100.gif" style="BORDER:px solid;" />China Regulation 2014-11-30T20:30:00ZFor safety and convenience in flight due to China regulation, please ensure the following items were not packed in to your check – in baggage at airport: <br>Any Rechargeable Items such as lithium Battery, Mobile, Notebook, Backup Power, Power Bank, Radio – controlled Toy, etc, and also any Flammable items such as Lighter, Match, Mousse, Nail Polish, compressed Gas, etc.<br>NOTE: Checked Baggage will NOT be transported if such item included .<br><img class="img-responsive" src="http://www.mahan.aero/assets/AnnouncementAssets/DGR1.jpg" />